Housemates should keep cooking as strategy, I will keep eating – Mercy Eke

Popular roommate Mercy Eke has adopted a joking attitude toward her fellow participants’ ongoing cooking battle.

The brand influencer was photographed eating while housemate CeeC displayed interest in the heated competition taking place in the kitchen.

CeeC wondered aloud whether culinary prowess had ever been the saving grace in the high-stakes game and wondered what the point of the kitchen competition was.

Mercy Eke reacted to CeeC’s question with a hint of amusement, keeping up her usual humor and laid-back demeanor.

She agreed with CeeC, admitting that she also found it difficult to understand the rivalry over food that had engulfed her colleagues.

Mercy jokingly disclosed her culinary goals, declaring that she will simply focus on enjoying the results of her housemates’ cooking skills after their dramatic kitchen face-offs.

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