“I carried mine for 9 months, gave birth to him but never saw him”-Scarlet Gomez reveals as she consoles Debbie Shokoya

Scarlet Gomez, a Nollywood actress, has spoken out about her stillbirth in response to Debbie Shokoya’s miscarriage.

The actress admitted that although she carried her son for nine months and even gave birth to him, she never held or saw him.

She hasn’t seen a picture of him yet.

She comforted Debbie and assured her of her support while pointing out how difficult it was. She comforted her, telling her that God will give her the courage she needs to smile once more.

“Carried mine for 9 months even gave birth to him. Never saw or carried him. To date don’t know what he looked like. You are not alone sis! It’s not easy at all. God will give you the strength you need and you will smile again”.

Debbie Shokoya in Tears Recounts Losing Her Pregnancy At 8 Months

GISTLOVER reported earlier in the day that Debbie Shokoya in an emotional video on her Instagram page, had tearfully recounted how she lost her pregnancy at 8 months.

In an emotional video posted to her Instagram page, the beloved actress tearfully revealed how she lost her pregnancy at 8 months.

Everyone knew she was pregnant, and she had even traveled out intending to return with her child, but things had gone wrong, and she had lost her pregnancy.

Beseeching others not to judge her, she described how she had sacrificed and gone through a lot for her unborn child, only to lose the pregnancy.

In tears, she stated that it hasn’t been easy for her because she had such a strong attachment with her child before the loss.

“I will like to tell my story myself, that’s why I am making the video right now.Almost everyone knows that Debbie Shokoya is pregnant and expecting and with all glory to God, I lost my child at 8 months.That’s to tell you that I choose to speak on what I want to speak about. If I don’t want to speak about it, I wouldn’t talk about it.

Be careful what you will say cause words are sensitive. I am a mother; I carried my child for 8 months. I sacrificed a lot for my child, I know what I went through. How I traveled with the joy of coming back with my child, but God understands right?It’s not easy, I carried my child for 8 months, bonded with my child but lost my child”.

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