“I prefer a village girl” Speedy Darlington reveals he’s turned off by rich educated women (Video)

Rapper and comedian, Speedy Darlington, recently took to his social media platform to express his preference for village girls over rich and well-educated women. In a video he shared, he passionately advocated for village girls.

Darlington candidly stated that what women find attractive in a man might differ from what men seek in a woman. He pointed out that while women might desire educated, wealthy, and well-traveled partners, men might have different priorities. In fact, he admitted that such accomplished women actually turn him off.

He elaborated, ‘If I ask a woman what she brings to the table and she responds with being educated, well-traveled, and wealthy, instantly I’m put off. That’s not what we’re looking for. I prefer a village girl.’’

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Speedy Darlington calls out woman who refused to come to his house after sending her transport fare

Kemi Filani reported last week that Speedy Darlington called out a woman who had refused to come to his house after he had sent her the transport fare.

Speedy Darlington dragged a lady by the name of Blessing Victoria Nwachukwu for her failure to visit his home despite him sending her the transportation money. The incident, captured in a viral video, featured him audibly mentioning the girl’s name and issuing a threat for her to reimburse the 2,800 Naira transport fee he had given her.

Speedy Darlington in awe of Davido over his lack of talent

Kemi Filani also reported that Speedy Darlington was left in awe by singer Davido’s music career, despite being devoid of talent, as per the US-based Nigerian rapper’s perspective.

On his Instagram page, Speed Darlington shared a promotional flyer of Davido, announcing a meet and greet event with Puma in Ikeja, Lagos. In a direct jab at Davido, Speed Darlington highlighted his fascination with the fact that despite Davido’s lack of talent, he continued to thrive in his musical endeavors.

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