I’ll always give fans something different— Myspro

A budding singer, Myspro, has that he will constantly give his fans something different from what is out there.

Speaking on the inspiration behind his latest song, Nonstop, on which he featured Perruzi and Jamopyper, and the reception it has enjoyed, the singer said, “As we speak, the song is doing well. What sets it apart is the delivery, which a lot of people have described as ‘fantastic’. Music enthusiasts can actually take a lot away from the love song.

“The song was inspired by the zeal to give fans something different. The collaboration went smoothly too, because I have known Jamopyper for a long time. When the right time came, we all just made something for the fans to dance to.”

Recounting the creative process involved in collaborating with Peruzzi and Jamopyper, he said, “I can easily blend with any sound, and that’s what is expected from a remarkable artiste. One just has to deliver and be exceptional. And, we all delivered on the song.”

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