I’m not quitting you – Tolanibaj tells Neo as they share a sweet kiss in the toilet

Neo and Tolanibaj’s relationship journey in the Big Brother All Star season has been a quite a chaotic and in the early hours of August 24, 2023, we witnessed a fresh twist in their dynamic.

Despite neither confirming their official relationship status, the pair has been experiencing relationship challenges that couples normally go through. We Tolanibaj even confronted Ilebaye in the house recently regarding her perceived proximity to Neo.

This brief altercation led to Neo and Tolanibaj deciding to give each other space. They however decided to have a conversation in the early hours of the morning.

Neo wrote her a short letter where he blatantly told her that while she was an amazing person and a great friend to him, he was going to call quits on their relationship. 

Their conversation however moved to the toilet where we got to hear even more intimate details of their conversation. 

Neo: “I’m done I want to move on”

Tolani Baj: “You see this thing you want to quit, I’m not quitting it, you can quit it on your own, on the outside. If feels like we are getting a divorce.

This is just one of the many obstacles we will overcome.”

They eventually shared a sweet kiss after their conversation with Tolanibaj seating on Neo’s laps while he sat on the toilet seat.

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Peep the reaction of some Netizens regarding their relationship 


“Why is Neo doing this girl like this? Haba… Neo knows very well what he’s doing to her. I don’t blame Tbaj at this point. MENASCUM walai”


“laugh in French Is& Vee thank you for giving us this content”

“Omor Neo is in trouble na cult????

Which one be, she’s not quitting like say na secret cult”


“It the fact that Neo was still being respectful and nice and picking his words correctly, Tolani should carry herself with much grace she is a beautiful girl with multiply talent. People should”

Anita Munachi

“Tolanibaj love nor be by force na les) if a man truly love you e go put you through all this stress na, didn’t you see how loving and affectionate he was with vee, with this your desperation e go hard for you to find true love 000 girl”


LYour guys should stop voting for “bar teeth so she would go home and stop disgracing her friends and familv online”


“Ehweh!! ∞ )s)neo must just stay away!

Tholani will always behave they way she behaves.”


“Neo is à flirt and he felt tied down by tolani simple”

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