Interfaith coalition urges Tinubu not to be distracted by criticisms

The chairman of the Interfaith Coalition Conference, Daniel Kadzai, has urged President Bola Tinubu not to be distracted by people kicking against some of his ministerial appointments.

Mr Kadzai, in a statement on Friday in Abuja, urged Nigerians to uphold the principle of unity, knowing that the country belongs to all its citizens, regardless of religious, ethnic, or political affiliations.

“Some people are castigating Mr President for appointing the Minister of FCT from Rivers State. This man is a Nigerian. God forbid that we have this mentality in this 21st century,” Mr Kadzai said.

He said unity and cooperation among all regions were crucial to the nation’s progress and development.

“I want to congratulate Nigerians for having a government that is introducing dialogue in the process of selection and appointments.

“It shows that the South-South has not been forgotten. I was so surprised that during the campaigns, some people imputed issues of religious sentiment in the polity,” he said.

Mr Kadzai urged Nigerians to stop talking about religion in governance and instead on how to salvage the nation and how the newly appointed ministers should serve Nigerians.

“Are we talking about religion or how to salvage the nation? The ministers should serve Nigerians.

“They are there to serve Nigerians. Not to enrich themselves. Not for their States, Local Governments or tribes,” he said.

Mr Kadzai commended Mr Tinubu and urged him to continue with the “Renewed Hope Agenda” for all Nigerians and build ties with North-Central, North-East and South-East.

While some have lauded the president for the selection of his cabinet members, others faulted it.

Criticisms on the selection ranged from arguments that the South-East was shortchanged and that the 48-member cabinet was bloated.

Days ago, William Kumuyi, the founder of Deeper Life Bible Church, urged Nigerians to refrain from criticising government policies. He added that God will use Mr Tinubu and his cabinet members to build a better Nigeria.

“If you look at the new ministers one by one, you’ll see the good things they’ve done either as state governors of the past or as former ministers and I would say they have been carefully chosen. If we support and accept them and if we are not criticising their every step, we believe that God will walk through them and use them as instruments to build our nation,” Mr Kumuyi said.


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