Kiddwaya Holds Back Cross From Separating Cee-C And Ilebaye During Heated Clash [Video]

Kiddwaya, a popular reality star, was seen barring his colleague, Cross, from intervening in a fiery exchange between housemates Cee-C and Ilebaye.

This event has highlighted a shift in the house dynamics, with certain participants, notably Kiddwaya, deciding not to intervene in disagreements between the female contestants.

The footage, which surfaced following a Saturday night party, depicted a violent verbal disagreement between Cee-C and Ilebaye that appeared to be turning into a physical altercation. Cross, in an unexpected turn of events, attempted to mediate the conflict, apparently to avert an escalation of hostilities.

However, Kiddwaya promptly intervened, physically holding Cross back and urging him to remain seated.

It is worth noting that a significant development has occurred within the reality show’s house, as several contestants, including Kiddwaya, Whitemoney, Pere, and Ike, have collectively agreed to no longer intervene in disagreements involving the female housemates.

The reasoning behind this decision appears to be rooted in the belief that allowing such clashes to unfold without interference may prevent further disqualifications from occurring, which have marred previous seasons.

The incident has sparked discussions among viewers and fans of the reality show, with some expressing support for Kiddwaya’s intervention, while others question the appropriateness of such non-interference, particularly in situations where disputes could potentially escalate to physical altercations.

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