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Kim Thayil’s Net Worth, Biography, Earnings & more – Kim Thayil is a $30 million net-worth American guitarist and songwriter. Kim Thayil is best known as the main guitarist for the Grammy-winning rock band Soundgarden, which he co-founded in the 1980s with vocalist Chris Cornell and bassist Hiro Yamamoto.

Who is Kim Thayil?

Kim Thayil was born Kim Anand Thayil in Seattle, Washington on September 4, 1960. Kim’s parents relocated from India to Seattle. Shanti, his mother, was a music instructor who studied concert piano at London’s Royal Academy of Music. His father, Boniface, received a degree in chemical engineering and relocated the family to Chicago after being offered a position there.

Thayil began writing lyrics when he was 12 years old. He formed the punk rock band Bozo and the Pinheads in 1977, performing original songs as well as covers of Devo, the Sex Pistols, and the Ramones. Kim was a member of the post-punk band Identity Crisis in 1980, and the group issued the EP “Pretty Feet” that year.

Hiro Yamamoto first met Thayil at Rich East High School. In 1979, the two graduated from the school’s Active Learning Process School. Kim and Hiro relocated to Seattle after moving to Olympia, Washington, with the intention of attending The Evergreen State College.

While attending the University of Washington and earning a philosophy degree, Thayil worked as a DJ at KCMU. Kim and Hiro established Soundgarden in 1984 after meeting Chris Cornell in Seattle.

How much does Kim Thayil make per year?

The renowned guitarist’s annual income is not known. However, he is estimated to be worth about $30 million.

What investments does Kim Thayil have?

There is no information with regard to Thayil’s investments aside from his music and guitar career.

How many Endorsement deals does Kim Thayil have?

The renowned guitarist has lucrative endorsement deals with a couple of brands and companies.

How many Philanthropy works has Kim Thayil supported?

Thayil is known to be a philanthropist and very passionate about giving back to the community. However, there is not much information with regard to his philanthropy and charity donations.

How many businesses does Kim Thayil own?

Similarly, there is not much information with regard to his businesses aside from his guitar and songwriting career.

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