Meet Mavin Records Newest Artist, Lifesize Teddy (VIDEO)

Mavin Records has introduced news Artist, Lifesize Teddy.


Newsonline Nigeria reports that Mavin Records, renowned for its legacy of nurturing emerging musical talents, proudly unveils its freshest addition, Lifesize Teddy.


This latest signing, encompassing the talents of a rapper, poet, and singer, underscores Mavin’s ongoing commitment to fostering some of the nation’s brightest and youngest musical sensations.

Lifesize Teddy takes her place alongside the esteemed ranks of Mavin’s already stellar roster, which includes Ladipoe, Boy Spyce, Crayon, Magixx, Ayra Starr, and Johnny Drille, further solidifying the Mavin Dynasty’s influence on the music scene.


The revelation of this exciting new artist was delivered by none other than the label’s visionary, Don Jazzy, through an artistic and captivating video shared on his Instagram account. Don Jazzy reflected on the unveiling, stating, “Unveiling a new artist is a reminder of how an artist has let themselves go through the laid-down process of the Mavin Academy, the testament of our faith in them, and the coming together of our hard work.


With the power vested in me by the Supreme Mavin Dynasty, It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Mavin’s latest signee. Rapper, poet, singer, and songwriter Lifesize Teddy.”

Anticipation mounts as the artist prepares to launch her debut EP, aptly titled “Lifesize Teddy,” tonight. This release promises to encapsulate the artist’s distinctive fusion of rap, poetry, and melodic prowess, setting the stage for Lifesize Teddy’s remarkable journey within the Mavin Records family.


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