“Mercy Eke is sneaky and a pretender” Doyin lets it all out in the diary room (Video)

In an explansive chat with Big Brother  in the diary room, current Head of house Doyin had a few things to get off her chest. 

She spoke a lot about the housemates and when asked about Mercy, she told Big Brother that she believed that Mercy Eke was a big pretender. She explains that while Mercy might have a sweet and positive demeanor, on a closer look, you will realize that she is two faced.

“Venita is mean and she’s mean to your fave .Mercy will blow you in the face and bite you in the back. If you want to be mean, then grow some balls”

She also revealed that she had heard a lot of things that Mercy had said behind her back, and was surprised when she will still pretend to her face. Doyin emphasized on being unsure about where she stands with mercy seeing as she says one thing, then, does the other.

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Peep a few reactions from people concerning her video

One preludesense had this to say,

“Mercy in the diary session where no housemate is seeing her said good things about doyin, she bragged abt doyin to biggie, how she is proud of her, how intelligent doyin is and so many good things.

Doyin on the other hand is saying another thing from what she shows mercy, diary room is the perfect place to trash someone if u want to because it is a safe place, if mercy hated doyin or dont like her she wouldn’t hv said good things abt her.”

One chinnv had this to say,

“Doyin is fearless and I love it!!!”

On michelledera had this to say,

“After voting your faves, vote ike, at least we can agree that he’s funny”

One chisparklebeauty_world had this to say,

“Ok I agree with you on this one doyin no problem you’re right but girl mercy will be in your face till day”

“Doyin cannot keep her vagina in one place” Cee c makes startling revelation

Kemi Filani reported that Cee C to had gone on a mini rant yesterday where she called out Doyin for giving her vagina to different men. She also made bold claims that Doyin was also sucking men’s nipple in the house mentioning Cross and Pere as part of the people.

This outburst came after the Head of house Doyin called for a meeting and Cee C blatantly refused to be present.

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