Mercy Eke would have still won even if Tacha wasn’t disqualified – Ceec

Ceec, a housemate on Big Brother Naija All Stars, claims that Mercy Eke would have won in her season even if Tacha hadn’t been disqualified.

CeeC, Pere, and Ike were seen getting dressed and discussing the show’s dynamics and who will probably win earlier today in the locker room.

Ike mentioned to CeeC during the conversation that Tacha should have won during his season if she hadn’t been disqualified, but CeeC gave an interesting response.

CeeC felt Tacha would not have won even if she hadn’t been disqualified. She reassured Ike that Mercy would have triumphed no matter how events turned out in the end.

Ike said this after CeeC told him and Pere that she doesn’t think a guy will win this season’s All-Stars show because of how certain people have messed up.

 Ceec jokes about her mother being South African, netizens react

Meanwhile Ceec, a BBNaija All Stars housemate, creates a stir among housemates and fans after joking about her mother’s South African ethnicity.

The 30-year-old lawyer made a subtle joke about her mother, who she said is from South Africa, in a conversation with other housemates Neo and Kiddwaya.

This assertion was made when the Big Brother hosts were playing a South African song for the housemates’ entertainment.

“No wonder,” both Neo and Kiddwaya responded in unison, maybe alluding to her stunning physical features.

She refuted her assertion by asserting that it was a lie, nevertheless.

Reactions trailing South African heritage of Ceec

Ceec’s claim has since sparked a wave of discussions across social media platforms, with many observers noting that her distinct physical features hint at South African origins.

moneymorekay noted: “The forehead and the bum is really south african, i believe her ????????????my love for Cece started now today ????????????”

chyomsss penned: “That natural curves and flat tummy says it all ????
Me wey be her die hard fan didn’t even know”

shenkez_peter said: “Yea. The height and body says it all???????? my southy Spartans come through for your family by extension???????? she’s needs votes!!”

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