“My Abuja shop wasn’t sealed,” Jenny’s Glow owner speaks out after viral video  of NAFDAC sealing her shop (Video)

Jenny’s glow has finally spoke out after her Abuja branch of Jenny’s Glow skincare was sealed off by NAFDAC officials for the fake generation and falsification of NAFDAC approval. 

This happened a few weeks after TikToker @verydarkman1 did a video where he outrightly called out her brand for being fake and lacking authenticity. He stated that the brand was selling harmful chemicals to the public in the guise of skincare. Jenny’s Glow only response to the accusation was by immediately sending a cease and desist letter to the TikToker through their legal representatives which urged him to take back all of his allegations. 

After the video of her shop being sealed off went viral, Jenny’s glow In a live video has revealed that her Abuja shop wasn’t not sealed off and that NAFDAC only took a few of her products which would soon be returned to her.

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One judithoflagos had this to say,

“so nafdac seal some product and u were there & so the products dey get different nafdac numbers, only a daft person will believe u, so nafdac dey give number to each product that u displayed already, madam just say d truth, dem lock ur stuff and u wan dey shalaye”

One raiserap had this to say

“Why is she talking like she wanna cry, and l’m very sure she must have tried to record this video like 3 times in other adjust and post with her best voice”

One bankeypa had this to say

But why is she using filter? Is that the products is not working for her

drtj__  had this to say 

This culture of lack of accountability in Nigeria is one of our biggest problems as a society.

Ok someone has laid strong accusations against your brand . A big brand at that.

Are they false accusations? The only way to prove this is to come out with proof – documentation of your NAFDAC registration, possibly go to nafdac and ask for clarification on what happened, Do a media interview with the nafdac boss or something stating what exactly happened on that day, etc.

My dear lady coming live on Ig to threaten the poor man is absolutely bunkers. & you are not going about this the right way. If anything, saying “is it not nafdac? We will get it” only serves to affirm what the guy has said being correct about your products –

& pls why will you display products that are not yet NAFDAC registered? Abi shey na my eye dey pain me ni? I don’t get.

Nigerians and “they are after me” when the law finds them guilty! Madam go and do the right thina!

One osas_kelvin03 had this to say 

“Why is your voice cracking like pirated CD????”

One kalculus__comedy had this to say

“You go explain taya”

One i_amkingjojo had this to say

“Dey play my fans”

One bankeypa had this to say

“Madam shut up and stop selling fake products”

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