“Once your wife can take her drugs, you will have a happy home” Chacha Eke’s husband reveals what an older doctor promised him(Video)

Chacha Eke’s husband, Austin Faani has finally opened up about her mental issues. Let’s recall that back in 2022, she opened up for the first time about her battles with her mental health and her diagnosis with bipolar disorder.

During a speaking engagement on mental health, Austin Faani had this to say about her situation.

“Her mental issues gets worse when she gets pregnant. It’s as if something is coming to take away that baby so that she will be fine. So it starts with pregnancy.”

He also shared some insights he gained after having a conversation with an older doctor who explained all of her temperaments to him.

The older counselor and doctor educated and adviced  him on how to manage the situation. To his relief, she revealed to him that Chacha Eke’s mental condition could be treated and only involved her taking her drugs consistently.

“Once your wife can take her drugs, you will enjoy your marriage” 

He went on to spill that the drugs were expensive and that the entire treatment was eating into his pockets.

He revealed more intimate details of her most latest manic episode. According to him, it had happened in Ghana. At times, he had to bundle her away during her manic episodes.

Austin also remembers Chacha once screaming at him and hurling these words at him “Do you know what it feels like to have a mental illness?” And he had responded “Do you know what it feels like to live with someone that has a mental illness?”

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