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PEPT: Atiku supporters concerned over judiciary independence 

A non-governmental organisation, Face Of Waziri-Nigeria (FOWN), has expressed fear over compromising the independent of the judiciary under President Bola Tinubu-led administration.

The group alleged that president Tinubu has record of interfering with judicial proceedings,which led to the suspension of the former President of Court of Appeal, Justice Ayo Salami, over the role he allegedly played to thwart the judiciary proceedings in helping Tinubu and his party then to get back Ekiti and Osun States for Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN).

According to a statement signed by the Director- General of the group Mr. Bukky Adeniyi, Thursday, it stated that Tinubu’s desperation speak volumes of someone who’s mantra for life remains using coercion and forceful means to get anything he wants.

The group however, sounded a note of warning to Nigerians not to expect anything good from the president.

“We at FOWN, given our resolve to always intimate Nigerians about important developments will like to urge us all to think and think again quite deeply about the hoax personified Tinubu.

“He “glitched” the iREV server, cooked election results, switched the numbers, stole the mandate and you expect him not to fix the judges.

“Think again. He is doing it as we speak the question is: Will they let him?  Will we let them? Will he fool us again,” the group said.

FOWN alleged that Tinubu clearly has baggages of discrepancy with his person and will likely corrupt all gamut of Nigeria’s existence.  

“While Tinubu was Governor in Lagos State he sacked able deputies and installed lame ducks and cornered the state’s vaults.

“We at FOWN felt the need to give this trajectory so as to refresh our memories and drive home the point that Nigeria should not build their hopes high on him.

“A critical review by everyone will reveal he made governors and a president; in his own image and likeness,” the group said.

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