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Presidency replies Gov. Obaseki over statements criticizing FG’s reforms 

The Federal government through the Minister of Information and National Orientation Mallam Mohammed Idris has cast aspersions at Edo state Governor, Godwin Obaseki over his recent statement criticizing the Federal government’s reforms on fuel subsidy and currency exchange.  

In a lengthy statement on the government’s X handle, the FG faulted the Edo state Governor’s stance and urged him to be more statesman-like in his utterances and actions.  

  • The statement reads,The statement credited to Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, which was used as the lead front-page story in Thisday Newspaper of today (Thursday, August 24, 2023) did not come to anyone as a surprise. However, it is essential to clarify certain narratives for a more informed public discourse.  
  • “Governor Obaseki has, in recent times, shifted focus to the nation’s economic challenges as cannon fodder to divert attention from his poor performance at the state level since his move to the Peoples Democratic Party. 
  • “While it is common for leaders to have divergent views, it’s crucial to align criticism with reality and to premise discourse on tangible results. Governor Obaseki’s comments regarding the APC-led Federal Government’s decisions on fuel subsidy and foreign exchange market reforms perhaps overlooked the broader economic picture. 
  • “It’s well documented that Nigerians, State Governors across party lines, and global institutions including the World Bank and IMF along with various economic experts, have consistently advocated for the removal of fuel subsidy because of the fiscal distortions and burden it has placed on the economy.” 

Gov. Obaseki not attending NEC meetings 

The statement further criticised Governor Obaseki for being a member of the National Economic Council (NEC) where decisions relating to the economy were taken.

It further faulted the Governor for not being present in the previous two NEC meetings of the Vice President and Governors of the 36 states.  

Post-subsidy removal efforts of the FG 

It further recalled the federal government’s efforts to help 20 million vulnerable Nigerians through social support.

A committee is also formed to discuss better wages for workers and address living costs. Plans include affordable public transport, farmer support, and crop cultivation.  

It stated the government, led by President Tinubu, is dedicated to improving lives and the nation’s future.

It’s important for leaders to work together instead of engaging in unproductive politics.

The focus now is on governance to build a stronger and more prosperous Nigeria, as emphasized by President Tinubu. 


It should be recalled that Governor Obaseki while speaking to Journalists in Benin had criticised the federal government led by President Bola Tinubu for not having any plans for the nation despite campaigning around the country.  

  • In it, he said, “I have always warned. I warned Nigerians during the last May Day this year. I told them that we have come to the end of the road and that the old economic order in Nigeria is gone and we have to come up with a new economic order and stop deceiving ourselves as a nation. 
  • “Now the subsidy is gone; the exchange rate is being aligned. The era of free money has almost come to an end. The consequence is that the weakest and most vulnerable in our society, unfortunately, will carry a huge part of the burden of these policies.” 
  • He went further saying “I am shocked that people who campaigned around the country, saying that they will remove subsidies, had no clear plans on what to do after subsidy removal. They don’t know what to do and how to support those who will be victims of subsidy removal.
  • “I am shocked and scared of what we are passing through today, where the government doesn’t seem to have a plan or solution on how to respond to the consequences of the policy measure put in place by their administration.” 
  • Obaseki added, “With the way they have mismanaged our national economy, we have to deal with inflation, between 20 and 25 per cent. It means that the people will feel more pain, especially the weak and vulnerable in the society, particularly our pensioners, as whatever they get as their entitlement will do only little for them.” 






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