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Sophie Turner’s Net Worth, Biography, Earnings & more – The 25-year-old Sophie Turner was born on February 21, 1996, in Northampton, England, United Kingdom. Her mother’s name is Sally Turner and her father’s name is Andrew Turner. Her mother is a teacher at a nursery school. Moreover, her father is an employee at a pallet distribution company.

Sophie was raised in Chesterton, Warwickshire. Additionally, when she was 2 years old her family moved. She was born as a twin but, her twin died at birth. Likely, she was raised by her two brothers named, Will Turner and James Turner.

Turner went to Warwick Prep School and The King’s High School for girls. Since she was 3 she was a member of the Playbox Theatre Company. And, according to her nationality, she is an American, and her ethnicity is English.

Sophie Turner has had an interest in acting since her childhood. She was also encouraged by her dramatics teacher to pursue acting as a career. However, in 2011, she started her acting career by starring in a series named Game of Thrones. She was just 15 years old at that time. On April 11, 2011, the series premiered in the United States on HBO. Likely, the series was a great success.

How many houses and cars does Sophie Turner have?

Sophie is doing well for herself as of now but the number of houses and cars she owns as of now isn’t known as of now.

How much does Sophie Turner make per year?

Turner makes $960,000 per year.

What investments does Sophie Turner have?

The exact number of investments she has made as of now isn’t known as she hasn’t said anything about it yet to the media yet.

How many Endorsement deals does Sophie Turner have?

Not much is known about the endorsements deals she has signed as of now.

How many Philanthropy works has Sophie Turner supported?

The number of philanthropic works she has supported isn’t known.

How many businesses does Sophie Turner own?

She is doing well for herself but hasn’t said anything about the businesses she owns as of now.

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