“Stop dragging me and move on” – Lady who accused Eniola Badmus rants at Nigerians

Ego Blessing, the woman who was found guilty of accusing actress Eniola Badmus without evidence, wants Nigerians to quit dragging her and to move on.

You might remember that the TikToker was taken to court by Eniola Badmus after she accused her of earning a living as a professional pimp. Although she had the choice of paying 250,000 naira in lieu of a three-year prison sentence.

The lady, who was overwhelmed by the emotions of Nigerians in the aftermath of the tragedy, has cried out.

In a video that has gone viral online, Ego begs Nigerians to put the incident behind them, stop talking about her, and carry on with their lives. claiming that because she is only human, she cannot commit suicide because of the situation.

Also, the lady suggested that Nigerian politicians with cases of money theft, who are making life difficult for citizens should be nigerians greatest threat and not her.

“Is it gonna make you feel better to wake up and see me kill myself” the lady lamented.

She proceeded by letting people know that she’s just started and they’re all over her. She said “I ain’t even started yet and the dragging is too much already”.
“Can y’all just take a chill pill” she concluded.

The trending video stirred reactions from netizens:

adorable_lovei comments: “That day they arrested you we didn’t hear this American English from u!”

longspoonkitchen reacted: “This one don go prison get accent Welcome back”

tosinjuls said: “I like the way this babe is maximizing the attention Nigerian are Giving to her… she knows Nigerians love dramatic people. And she’s giving us content????????”

Watch the video below:

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