The awkward moment Tiktok influencer SoftMadeIt stopped fellow Tiktoker Jenni Frank from touching him during an interview

Tiktok influencer and dancer, SoftMadeIt has set, the TikTok community ablaze after he took a firm stand during an interview conducted by Jermaine Media. The interview, which seemed to be progressing smoothly, took an awkward twist when SoftMadeIt put a halt to fellow Tiktoker Jenni Frank’s attempt to touch him.

The interview began with what seemed to be a friendly conversation between the two influencers. As it progressed, one particular moment in the conversation gained substantial attention when a clip surfaced showing Jenni Frank placing her hand on SoftMadeIt’s thigh. Almost immediately, his demeanor shifted noticeably, and he promptly removed her hand.

The video clip of this incident has quickly spread like wildfire across various social media platforms, gaining a wild number of views of discussions among netizens. Opinions on the incident have been divided, with individuals expressing their different reactions.

Some viewers speculated that Jenni Frank’s action might have been unconscious seeing as their are people who are naturally touchy. On the other hand, there were those who believed that personal boundaries should always be respected, irrespective of the context.

One of the major points of the reactions revolves around SoftMadeIt. While some argued that his response was justified, others felt that he might have overreacted. The manner in which he removed her hand and shifted away from her was seen by some as excessive, sparking a heated debate around appropriate reactions to such situations.

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Many netizens have weighed in on the incident, either supporting SoftMadeIt’s actions or criticizing him for his response.

See some of the reactions below!

One hairess gallery had this to say

“Not everyone can stand being touched … sometimes it’s a serious condition.”

One mheenarh had this to say

“If my man is not like this, I don’t want hims)”

One mosesblag had this to say

“Why would she touch him in such manner, that’s disgusting and irresponsible if you ask me”

One pink.lips.balm had this to say

“They don’t did nothing wrong.. some people are touchy .. some people don’t like people touching them anyhow”

On jesi_amaka_white had this to say

“Nawa oo no be everytime vu go Dev read comment oya type watin Dey ur mind”

One thattanambragirl had this to say

“It’s probably a reflex action, I also don’t like being touched and actions like this happens subconsciously. No biggie, lol”

One toluafilaka had this to say

“It’s nothing serious, he’s not trying to pass any message soft and Jenny are great guys.”

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