“The Role of the Nigerian Diaspora in National Development”



In the just concluded “NATIONAL DIASPORA DAY CELEBRATION AND DIASPORA MERIT AWARD 2023” event held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on the 25th and the 26th of July 2023, Elizabeth Johnson, President of the Nigerian Women Association in South Africa (NWASA), delivered a compelling keynote speech. During her address, she shed light on the crucial role the Nigerian diaspora plays in driving the development of the nation by contributing their skills, expertise, and resources to various sectors.

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The event, jointly organized by NIDCOM and the Federal Government of Nigeria, served as a platform for stakeholders from the government, diaspora associations, and individual diasporans to come together and explore ways to empower and engage with the Nigerian diaspora further.

Ms. Johnson emphasized the significance of partnerships between diaspora organizations and the government to offer solutions and mediation for challenges faced by citizens in the diaspora. She stressed that recognizing the potential of the diaspora community is essential, not only in terms of economic contributions but also in fostering social and cultural development both within Nigeria and abroad.

Throughout the event, Ms. Johnson had the opportunity to meet with various stakeholders, including representatives from the federal government and diaspora associations. These productive interactions led to the exchange of ideas and strategies for harnessing the potential of the diaspora community.

One of the event’s highlights was the presentation of merit awards to individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the Nigerian community. Witnessing the recognition and honoring of these devoted individuals for their selfless efforts served as an inspiration for all Nigerians, both in the diaspora and at home, encouraging them to emulate their commitment to the country.

As the President of the Nigerian Women Association South Africa, Ms. Johnson expressed her pride in representing Nigerian women in the diaspora. She emphasized that Nigerian women have always been at the forefront of nation-building and applauded their active participation in events like this.

In her heartfelt gratitude to NIDCOM and its Chairman/CEO, Hon. Dr. Abike Dabiri-Erewa (OON), for organizing such a significant event and fostering a platform for collaboration and networking, Ms. Johnson reiterated the importance of unity within the diaspora community. The Diaspora Day celebration served as a reminder of the immense potential the community holds when working together as a united force.

In conclusion, Elizabeth Johnson called upon the commission and the government to continue harnessing the strengths of the Nigerian diaspora for the betterment of the nation. She highlighted the need for collaboration, mutual support, and leveraging collective skills and resources to build a stronger, more prosperous Nigeria. With the unwavering dedication and contributions of the diaspora community, the nation can stride confidently towards a brighter future.

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