“Tinubu, see what you’ve caused” – Man uses ruler and biro to

A young Nigerian man has stirred a buzz on the internet by dividing a large bread using a ruler, a pen, and eventually scissors for division.

Bread Tinubu

The video also includes a caption related to the current administration of Bola Tinubu, the President of Nigeria.

Furthermore, the video features a song that portrays the harsh economic realities faced by the people of Nigeria.

The young man in the video divides the bread into equal portions after measuring it carefully.


After the clip was uploaded online, the post received many comments as individuals shared their opinions.

See some reactions below:

@Legit P: “For my department, this is how we divide our bread with our scale rule when we come to do our assignment for night for our studio.”

@kally: “My grandma will use hand and still get the exact measurement.”

@petit ebony: “I no wan hear say your own big pass my own.”

@Adegoke Oluwaseun689: “If be say d guy serious with in life like dis,he for don make am.”

@Iam_samtolzee: “He’s calculating it before he can share to avoid this one big pass the other.”

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