UniAbuja Lecturer Harps On Research and Development In Universities

UniAbuja Lecturer has proposed Research and Development in Universities across the federation.

Newsonline Nigeria reports that a Professor of Pharmaceutical  Microbiology and Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Biotechnology, R.F. Atata, University of Abuja has proposed the establishment of a Directorate of Research, Innovation, and Development geared towards given research direction in Nigerian Universities and the country at large.

Atata who made this disclosure on Wednesday stated that research in the country’s universities had not achieved the desired results, as it only ended in the laboratory without impactful outcomes.

Professor Atata who expressed confidence that the observation of research development from the laboratory, production to finished products, will address myriads of problems of abandoning midway laboratory experiments in Nigeria.

The University don profer dearth of research initiatives to a lack of high collaborations between different individuals, and resource persons to achieve expected laboratory experimentation and results.

“The collaborations within the researchers and experimentation will not be limited to local, but involved international academics in different areas of endeavor, whether in sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities through joint efforts and harmonization of results of research undergone.” He said.

The Professor of Pharmaceutical Microbiology recalled that areas like Biomedical sciences could explore the development of vaccines for various diseases and particularly the re-emerging and emerging infectious diseases.

While in the social sciences and Arts, research could be carried out on the unabated social problems like Banditry, kidnappings, cattle rustling, and other social and criminal vices prevalent in society, through information gatherings among many other areas.

He said with the center, a dedicated central laboratory will be established for scientific and other investigations will be introduced, stating that will help greatly in carrying out a series of procedures in all areas of endeavors.

He however commended Professor Abdulrasheed NaAllah led the University of Abuja for establishing a center for research and development, stating that it is a stepping stone towards achieving the expected results.

Professor Atata further said, “The outcome of the research carried out in all disciplines will be transmitted to a compendium meant to propose, policies, redesign policies of the government and its implementation, through the unraveling of both the negative, positive impacts on the society and researches carried out by the universities.”

He advocated more funding for such academic sojourners and researchers, stating that developed and developing countries like Nigeria avail such opportunities towards academic excellence and robust policy framework.

Aside from funding, efforts should be redoubled towards providing the needed and modest equipment, so as to encourage the formation of research groups across institutions, and the provision of grants by relevant bodies, to unravel both current, relevant problems and important issues to society.

Under the Directorate, the University will not only research the production of drugs but leverage to determine the level of resistance to drugs, identification, modification, and adjustments.

As part of its social responsibility, it is expected that awareness and orientation through seminars, talk shops, symposiums, workshops, and other outlets to raise the consciousness of the people as part of its primary objectives.

Under the Directorate, with the Universities as the hub of research and policy initiatives, society will be better for it, having attained a lot of investigations before the implementation of policies and programs of government.

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