UPDATE: Atedo Peterside Reacts As Niger Republic Closes Airspace

Leading Nigerian economist Atedo Peterside has denounced the military junta’s shutdown of the airspace in the Niger Republic.

According to, the coup leaders declared the country’s airspace closed on Sunday and threatened anyone attempting to violate it with a “energetic and immediate response”.

The announcement was made as the West African bloc ECOWAS was about to expire with its deadline for them to restore power to the duly elected President Mohamed Bazoum.

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Peterside responded to the news on Twitter on Monday, saying it will make life even harder for Nigerians, especially those planning trips to Europe.

The investment banker claimed that if Burkina Faso or Mali followed Niger in refusing overflight privileges to aircraft destined for Nigeria, the situation may get worse.

He wrote, “Closure of Niger Republic airspace will increase the cost of flights from Nigeria to Europe. If Burkina Faso and/ or Mali join Niger in declining overflight rights to Nigerian-bound aircraft, then inbound and outbound flights from Nigeria to Europe will become very expensive.

“The military junta in Niger Republic, over the weekend, closed the country’s airspace, warning that any attempt to violate it would be met with an “energetic and immediate response.”


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