UPDATE: Niger Coup Leaders Vow To Resist External Pressure

On Tuesday, the architects of the Niger coup proclaimed their determination to defy international pressure to reinstate ousted President Mohamed Bazoum, despite sanctions from ECOWAS and the suspension of funding from Western partners.

The United States, Europe, China, and Russia value Niger strategically due to its involvement in battling Islamist extremists as well as its oil and uranium reserves.

Before a summit that can decide on military involvement, West African nations and major world powers are looking for a chance to engage with the coup leaders.

Italy Asks ECOWAS To Extend Deadline On Niger Military Junta

Both acting deputy secretary of state Victoria Nuland and U.S. secretary of state Antony Blinken met with junta officials in Niamey, but according to Victoria Nuland, they were unresponsive to American recommendations.

Considering its own credibility and prior declarations that coups would not be tolerated, the 15-nation ECOWAS group has adopted a harder stance on this coup.

There have been discussions about taking military action, but risk intelligence firm Verisk Maplecroft believes this is unlikely given the possibility of additional destabilisation.

Its Africa analyst, Ben Hunter in a note said, “The bloc understands that a military intervention would be very costly, with no guarantee of success over the long term, and with a significant risk of escalation into a regional war.

Niger Cut Ties With Nigeria As Peace Talk Between ECOWAS Delegations And Tchiani-Led Military Junta Fails

“It is fundamentally not in the interests of regional states.”



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