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Wealth does not come from shedding blood – Apostle Okoriko 


The founder of Solid Rock Kingdom Church, Apostle John Okoriko, has punctured the belief that wealth emanates from shedding of blood in the form of rituals. 

He said wealth only comes from the right approach to life.

Speaking in Uyo Sunday during the monthly interactive service, Okoriko noted that many problems facing Nigeria can be tackled by the right mentality. 

The cleric said though fasting and prayer can be used to provide spiritual solutions, but using mental and right approaches can bring solution to problems facing the nation. 

He mentioned the benefits of fasting and prayer as the elimination of body toxins, cleansing of body cells, mental orderliness, promoting longevity and spiritual upliftment.

Okoriko listed Nigeria’s problems to include corruption, inflation, insecurity, poor economy, inadequate infrastructure, energy crisis, and insincerity of leaders. 

He announced the annual fasting for 2023 and added that fasting can help to detoxicate the body system and lift the spirit of individuals while the right approach in solving problems is appropriate for lasting solution to numerous issues in Nigeria. 

“The pace of development of any nation is a function of the level of spiritual awareness and the desire to provide real service to humanity by leaders of any country.

“The predicament Nigeria is passing through now is as a result of the mindset of leaders. That is the truth,” he said. 

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