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WhatsApp introduces new feature for group creation

Instant messaging platform, WhatsApp, has announced a new feature that allows users to create groups on the platform without naming them.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the update on his Facebook page and Meta’s Instagram channel on Wednesday. The feature will help users create a group, even if they have not decided on a topic yet or need to create one quickly.

However, unlike a typical WhatsApp group that can add up to 1,024 participants, the messaging app confirmed said an unnamed group will be limited to up to six participants. These groups will be dynamically named based on the users added to a group, the company said.

The group name will appear differently for each participant, depending on how they have saved contacts on their phone. If you join an unnamed group with people who haven’t saved their contacts, your phone number will be visible in the group name, the app said. This indicates the feature is likely aimed more at friends and family who are already familiar with one another.

Other recent updates

WhatsApp in recent times has been rolling out a series of updates to increase the functionality of the app and gain more users. Just last week, the company announced the introduction of a new feature that enables users to transmit images in high-definition (HD) quality, resulting in a considerable enhancement of visual clarity and detail.

According to Zuckerberg, users would be presented with a choice: they can continue dispatching photos using the traditional method, or they can opt for the novel HD feature to ensure a superior level of visual excellence. He noted that users can access the new updates when they download the latest version of the messaging app.

Before that, the instant messaging platform also introduced the capability to edit already sent messages and to hide one’s online status. WhatsApp said it had also commenced tests on AI-powered sticker generators earlier. Beyond that,

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