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With fuel subsidy removal, Tinubu encouraging job creation in private sector – Malagi   


A ministerial nominee from Niger state, Alhaji Mohammed Idris Malagi, has identified a vibrant private sector as key to job creation in Nigeria.

He also said part of the accruals from the fuel subsidy removal should be ploughed into providing an enabling environment for the private sector to create more jobs and reduce the level of unemployment among Nigeria’s teeming youths.

Malagi, Publisher of Blueprint Newspapers, stated this Wednesday while appearing before the Senate for screening and confirmation as a minister.  

The ministerial nominee who stated this while facing the Senate for screening and confirmation  as requested for, by President Bola Tinubu , also advised the National Broadcasting Commission ( NBC), to make required follow ups, on licences issued to prospective broadcast media owners in Nigeria.

Specifically, in his response to a question on how the private sector could help the government in solving the  problem of unemployment in the country, he said the required enabling  environment  must be provided for key players in the sector for creation of jobs and employment opportunities.

He posited that part of the N1trillion savings made from fuel subsidy withdrawal be ploughed into the private sector for jobs creation and wealth generation.

He said : “This is not a task for the government alone and I have demonstrated that in my business practice. Distinguished President of the Senate, I am  employing over 200 people now, over a hundred of them are Nigerian graduates, those who have obtained degrees from Nigerian universities. What that tells me is that once an enabling environment is created, it is possible for most of our youths out there on the street to be gainfully employed. That’s number one.

“Secondly, it is also important that policies formulated by the government should encourage participation by the private sector, only in so doing can opportunities  be created so that those of our youths will now be taken out of the street. First, private  sector people have to be encouraged to employ people, and the only way that can  be  done is by creating an innovative environment for the private sector to thrive.

“There is no way that the government will continue to employ people. I think the era of thinking that the government is the employer of all members of the Nigerian public is over.

“And if you look at the policies that  President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is already formulating, the mere fact that  about a trillion Naira  has been saved and is going to plough back into the economy, will mean  that there is going to be more private sector participation , and this will in turn stimulate the private sector growth that will also be an enabler for employment for our teeming youth.” 

On licences issued by National Broadcasting Commission ( NBC) to prospective broadcast media owners,  the media guru admonished the regulatory agency to make required follow ups on the licences on whether they were actually used to set up broadcast stations or not.

“Today, there are over a thousand licenses that are issued. And many of the people that get these licenses are politicians like us.

“You get these licenses and you put them in your bag and you buy and lock it up somewhere in your house. How does that help your information dissemination? Why did you get that license in the first place?

“Only 50% or even less of all the licenses granted by the federal government are actually in operation today. Only less than 50%, so I think that there should be some regulation. 

“Tighter regulation to ensure that you must first be a practitioner or a genuine investor in the media industry before such licences are granted should be made,” he said.

Malagi, during his 40-minute appearance before the Senate, dazzled Senators with his submissions on all questions asked.

Apparently impressed with his submissions, Senator Aliyu Wadada (SDP Nasarawa West ), said: “The man before us  is a round peg, waiting to be fixed in a round hole.

“He is a great contributor to the education and enlightenment of the citizenry. He, as a private sector player, contributed immensely to the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

“He has the competence to serve in whatever capacities that  would be assigned to him  ,when confirmed as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and member of the Federal  Executive Council.”

Also in his remarks, Senator Mohammed Sani Musa from Niger state,  described the media owner as one who, through his experience, would add the needed value to the Tinubu-led government.

Musa, who said he had no fear whatsoever of Malagi’s competence to answer all questions thrown to him, however pleaded with his colleagues to allow him take a bow after responding to all questions earlier put across by the lawmakers.   

Aside Malagi, other nominees screened by the Senate on Wednesday were Mr Dele Alake from Ekiti state, Lateef Fagbemi(SAN) from Kwara state, Professor Mohammed  Ali-Pate from Bauchi state and Dr Doris Uzoka from Imo state.

In his remarks, Senate President Akpabio, specifically  acknowledged the brilliant performance of Malagi and other nominees who featured during Wednesday’s exercise.  

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