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Abia Government launches Umuahia six-lane expansion 

Governor Alex Otti of Abia officially initiated a road expansion project in Umuahia on Wednesday, converting the 3.5 km Osah Road from four lanes to a six-lane thoroughfare.  

Commencing at the Abia Tower on the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, the project extends to the Okpara Square in Umuahia, the News Agency of Nigeria reported.  

During the event held at Okpara Square, Governor Otti explained that the project aligns with the government’s commitment to provide vital infrastructure, supporting its rebuilding agenda.  

Project details of the road expansion and upcoming developments 

According to the reports of the News Agency of Nigeria, the road expansion project would stretch from Okpara Square to Abia Express Tower and will adhere to high structural standards, featuring drainage systems and sidewalks on both sides, incorporating an approved stone base. 

Governor Otti further detailed the project specifications, including a 200-millimetre base and a 40-millimetre-wearing course.  

  • In his words, “The specifications will include a 200-millimetre base and a 40-millimetre wearing course, among other requirements.”  

He assured that the government had additional development projects planned for Umuahia, and the six-lane expansion project would continue from Abia Tower to the Onuimo region of the state. 

The governor highlighted that the completion of the initial phase of the Tower would be swiftly followed by further expansion into Onuimo with the same specifications of six lanes, walkways, and a drainage system. He emphasized that this project would enhance the aesthetics of Umuahia and solidify its status as the capital city. 

More insights

Governor Otti acknowledged the challenges faced in reaching the milestone but assured that the government had undertaken comprehensive assessments to minimize hardship for citizens. 

Demolition of structures to accommodate the road expansion had already begun, and funds for compensating the 130 affected claimants had been secured before demolition commenced, Governor Otti explained.   

Additionally, plans were underway to rehabilitate other roads, such as Imo River-Owerrinta, Umuene, Obikabia, Ukaegbu, Ikot Ekpene, and Aba Roads, aiming to alleviate congestion in Aba and enhance traffic flow.   

Governor Otti expressed confidence in the construction company’s capabilities, describing it as a reputable international firm capable of completing the project efficiently.  

He extended gratitude to the traditional rulers of local communities for their support in advancing the government’s plan for the road expansion.  

The Commissioner for Works for Abia, Mr. Don Otti, praised the project as a significant achievement in the current administration’s infrastructure development timeline. He noted that it would be the first six-lane project in Abia State and emphasized the road’s robust specifications, designed to withstand the test of time.  

  • “This is the highest structure of any road you can find in this country, and we believe that this road is going to stand the test of time,” Oti said 

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