Bauchi NLC vows to join nationwide strike on Tuesday

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Bauchi chapter says it is gearing up and mobilising members for a nationwide strike called by labour unions from Tuesday.

NLC chair in Bauchi, Dauda Shu’aibu, stated this at a news conference on Thursday in Bauchi, saying the decision was in compliance with the union’s directives.

Mr Shu’aibu said the chapter supported decisions taken by the National Executive Council (NEC) of the NLC and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria at their various meetings, which analysed the current situation in the country.

“Taking cognisance of the extensive hardships and deprivation afflicting our citizens across all states of the federation, we unanimously condemned the apparent conscious lethargy and tardiness in handling the consequences of its petrol price hike on Nigerians,” Mr Shu’aibu explained.

He added, “The councils deliberated on the continued refusal of the federal government to engage in a meaningful and constructive dialogue within the ambits of good faith.”

According to Mr Shu’aibu, NLC and TUC NEC-in-session and the federal government agreed there are untold hardships nationwide.

“Trade unions continue to face severe threats from the state via the brutal and suppressive power of the police and government,” said Mr Shu’aibu.

The Bauchi NLC chair said the strike was in the spirit of the Independence Day celebration and to demonstrate resolve for a truly independent Nigeria to take “our destinies in our own hands and rescue our nation.”

Mr Shu’aibu stated, “We are to embark on an indefinite and total shutdown of the nation, beginning from zero hours on Tuesday. Labour directs all workers in Nigeria to withdraw their services from their various workplaces commencing from October 3.

The NLC chairman urged all patriotic Nigerians to support the unions’ course in salvaging the country from economic hardship.


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