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BBNaija Day 43: WhiteLambo babies on the way?, Sholzy is Head of House, Ceec gives Neoenergy the Ike lowdown…

Catch up on all the latest #BBNAIJA All Stars highlights from Day 43: WhiteLambo babies on the way?, Sholzy is Head of House, Ceec gives Neoenergy the Ike lowdown and much more…

WhiteLambo babies on the way?

Mercy Eke and Whitemoney’s friendship is growing by the day, even including family planning conversations.

There is a recent bond that has brought some joy to two housemates, the dynamic duo of Mercy Eke and Whitemoney. These two former Big Brother Naija winners have been setting the house on fire with their playful banter and unexpected discussions about their future together, including the possibility of having children.

Since Whitemoney had a heated altercation with Ilebaye, Whitemoney appeared to be carrying the weight of Biggie’s house on his shoulders, leading to a noticeable change in his demeanour. This shift did not go unnoticed to Mercy Eke, who took it upon herself to lift his spirits.

Mercy Eke: The cheerleader

Mercy Eke has taken on the role of Whitemoney’s personal cheerleader. She has been offering words of encouragement, sharing meals with him and reminding him of his resilience as a hustler who has successfully built a business.

Dreaming and naming their future together

In a moment of candour, Whitemoney told Mercy Eke that if she wanted to have his surname, she must have his children. Mercy Eke responded with a twinkle in her eye, saying that she plans to have two kids, a boy and a girl, perhaps even three, two boys and a girl. In her playful yet confident manner, Mercy Eke mentioned that with such a family, they would be the richest couple in Africa, envisioning their names gracing the Forbes list of richest couples.

The playful banter continued as Mercy Eke revealed that she already had a name for their first son: Dolce. She expressed her desire to give each child a name from the country or region they were born in, emphasising their multicultural future.

Will their closeness carry them through the season and to the Big Brother Naija finale stage one more time?

Sholzy is Head of House!

Biggie’s houseguest Sholzy puts his precision skills to use in the ping pong challenge to become this week’s Head of House.

Ceec gives Neoenergy the Ike lowdown

Ceec tells Neoenergy that Ike wanted more than friendship, and for her, their similarities were a recipe for disaster.

Angel and Doyin discuss Venita

Angel and Doyin gisted about Venita and their analysis of her niceness or lack thereof.

Unsteady ships take limelight post eviction

The All Stars look to the new week in anticipation for better relationships and a good game plan.

BBNaija Day 43: WhiteLambo babies on the way?, Sholzy is Head of House, Ceec gives Neoenergy the Ike lowdown…After the live eviction which saw the exit of housemates Ike and Seyi as well as houseguests Lucy and Prince Nelson, the All Stars house witnessed conversations around strategy and mending of relationships in the house.

Angel and Doyin spoke about how Ilebaye might have one of the strongest fan bases outside the house. Doyin believes that this is one of the reasons why almost everyone who was involved in the conspiracy against Ilebaye has left the house. Though Angel agreed with Doyin about Ilebaye having a large fan base. She disagreed about it being tied to the eviction of Ike, Kiddwaya, and Seyi.

Ships in stormy waters.

After the evictions, the growing tension between Adekunle and Venita led to a little back and forth filled with teary moments. Moments after the eviction, Adekunle and Venita spoke in the garden with Venita apologising to Adekunle for her attitude during the Pepsi task which took place on Saturday.

While they spoke tempers flared with Venita’s voice attracting the attention of other housemates. Fleeing into the garden bathroom, Venita teared up as she eventually explained to Pere and Angel that she was not happy with the fact that Adekunle slept on the couch because they had an issue leading to suspicion from other housemates that there was trouble between herself and Adekunle.

Adekunle while in the house explained to Soma that he didn’t sleep in Venita’s bed because she had insulted him during the task on Saturday and he would only look like a fool going back to her bed after her insults. Will the two fix things and get back together? We are not sure but Adekunle seems to want a proper conversation and maybe an apology from Venita.

While Adekunle and Venita tried to save their ship, Kim Oprah struggled to save a ship that hadn’t even set sail. She complained to Pere that she did not understand what was happening with Cross. She told Pere that Cross had refused to tell her what problems he had with her.
The night before, Pere had advised Neoenergy to go after Kim Oprah so will he give her good advice regarding Cross? Let’s wait and see.

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