Buraimoh Urges Interior Minister, NITDA, Others to Adopt ISI Report


From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja


Leading up to the national Census, Engineer Folajimi Buraimoh, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Folbemos Limited and Network engineer, Folajimi Buraimoh has appealed to the Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, to embrace Individual Systematic Identification (ISI) reports to address the numerous challenges facing data management in Nigeria.

Buraimoh also urged the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the National Identity Management Commission, and other critical stakeholders, noting that Individual Systematic Identification (ISI) reports have the potential to put an end to multiple ID registrations.

Addressing journalists in Abuja on Wednesday, Buraimoh explained that ISI aims to incorporate data from every Nigerian, ensuring equitable representation in the distribution of national benefits.

According to him, the report was first sent to the former administration under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, which received it with a lot of accolades.


He expressed that the absence of a proper and comprehensive census database has resulted in the undocumented status of many citizens.

“Technologically and networking-wise, Nigeria lags behind, with limited internet access and underutilization of digital resources. There is no effective digital or networking system catering to citizens’ needs,” he remarked.

“Building trust within the Nigerian system, encompassing Business to Business, Consumer to Business, and, significantly, Citizen to Government perspectives.”

The tech visionary explained that ISI establishes a functional job system for the masses, positioning Nigeria as a frontrunner in the digital era. It introduces a fresh identity to the corporate strategic system, revolutionizing mindsets by emphasizing a better work ethic.

He emphasized the merging of traditional and contemporary mindsets to instill human motivation, fostering enduring solutions that will reinvigorate a forward-thinking Nigeria.

Furthermore, he lamented the wastage of Nigeria’s mineral resources due to inadequate documentation of its citizens.

“It’s impossible to succeed as a nation without a comprehensive database. I implore President Tinubu to review and endorse the report as it promises to drive income generation in the near future.”

Speaking further, he said ISI reports not only provide and manage an adequate database but also provide solutions to Nigeria’s unemployment challenges. Those living below the average daily cost, and individuals working in jobs mismatched with their qualifications and skills, stand to gain from this system.

“It generates employment, offers digital products and services, boosts internet usage, and enhances transparency across citizens, government, consumers, and businesses.

“The system eradicates unemployment, poverty, and diminishes crime rates while enabling easy access to digitization.”

The ISI system serves as a transformative solution for the Nigerian government, streamlining governance, fostering mass trust, and simultaneously injecting funds into the economy through taxation. It aids in creating an accurate, comprehensive database system, serving as a robust census platform.

“The ISI system opens doors to foreign investors and promotes tourism. Utilizing our key resource, ‘The Masses,’ Nigeria has the potential to emerge as an exceptional market,” he said.

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