Civil Defence responsible for protecting Nigeria’s critical assets: Interior Minister

Interior minister Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo says it is the responsibility of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps to protect critical assets of the country.

Mr Tunji-Ojo said this during a maiden visit to the NSCDC headquarters, Abuja, on Thursday.

“I am delighted because I wish Nigerians know a quarter of what you do. Hence, you need to do more publicity with the level of capacity seen today,” the minister noted.

The minister said the security agency should treat Nigerians respectfully, warning that being in uniform is not an excuse to abuse civilians.

According to the minister, the responsibility of NSCDC is distinct.

“It is your responsibility to protect critical national assets and infrastructure; mining sites, hospitals, pipelines and all that makes us who we are, so you have a big responsibility,” said Mr Tunji-Ojo. “With proper efforts, harnessing your efforts with capabilities can reduce the way our Armed Forces are being stretched.”

Mr Tunji-Ojo added, “The era where performance and excellence are absent is over now because when you perform exceptionally, you will be recognised.”

The interior minister urged the security agency to work harder to secure the country.

“Walk the talk. The time for action is now, and with you, I know I will be a successful minister of interior. I need commitment, dedication, patriotism, in line with the agenda of this administration, and we will not just be there for the corps as your job is key,” Mr Tunji-Ojo stressed.


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