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Customers must inform DisCos of outstanding bills before occupying a property – EMRC

The Energy Markets and Rates Consultants Limited (EMRC) emphasized the importance of electricity customers fulfilling certain responsibilities, aiming to enhance efficiency within the Nigerian Electricity Supply Chain (NESI).

One significant duty they highlighted pertains to informing their respective distribution companies (DisCos) about any outstanding electricity bills before relocating to a leased property.

This was conveyed through an insightful note shared on the company’s official LinkedIn page. The company noted that customers are key stakeholders in the NESI and their actions/inactions profoundly shape the electricity sector’s direction.

In this context, outstanding bills refer to pending payments for electricity consumed by the occupants of a specific property.

Instances arise where new occupants may move into a leased property without awareness of such pending bills.

Customer Responsibilities and Rights in the NESI

Alternatively, they might be aware but choose not to disclose this information. However, EMRC advocates for prompt reporting to the relevant DisCo overseeing that location.

EMRC emphasized a spectrum of responsibilities for all electricity consumers. One key aspect is promptly notifying the DisCo of any tampering or bypassing of electricity installations at their location, as well as safeguarding all electrical installations against tampering.

Timely bill payment is crucial, and customers, especially those without meters, are urged to retain payment receipts. Additionally, customers must adhere to the electricity connection requirements outlined by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and the DisCos.

The EMRC note also highlighted various essential rights accorded to electricity consumers within the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).

These fundamental rights focus on the assurance of receiving electricity securely and dependably, encompassing the provision of appropriately installed and fully functional meters.

Fundamental Rights of Electricity Consumers in NESI

These meters serve as transparent instruments for precise billing by their respective Distribution Companies (DisCos). Furthermore, customers have the right to comprehensive and clear information concerning electricity services.

Notably, for customers without meters, the note specified that billing would strictly adhere to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (NERC) estimated billing methodology. In cases where overbilling occurs, a refund of the excess amount is mandated.

Additionally, customers are entitled to advance written notifications from DisCos before any disconnection of electricity services.

Moreover, in the event of grievances regarding electricity services, customers have the right to anticipate swift and satisfactory responses.

They possess the prerogative to challenge any bill they deem unjust or inaccurate. It is imperative to emphasize that electricity customers bear no responsibility for the procurement, replacement, or repair of any electricity infrastructure.

These rights collectively advocate for a fair, transparent, and consumer-centric electricity supply system.


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