France Orders Apple To Remove Iphone 12 From Market Over Radiation Concerns

The three-year-old iPhone 12 was ordered to be taken off the French market by a French authority after tests revealed electromagnetic radiation levels that were beyond the allowable limit.

The iPhone model “no longer (be) offered for sale in all distribution channels in France,” according to the directive from the French agency in charge of telecommunications regulation (ANFR).

The amount of electromagnetic radiation that the body absorbs while using a phone was recently measured in a lab using 141 phones by the ANFR.

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The limit for direct body contact, such as in the hand or pocket, was determined to be surpassed by the iPhone 12.

It was 5.74 watts per kilogramme, not the four watts per kilogramme that was the maximum allowed.

The police want to investigate a potential Apple upgrade.

However, the iPhone 12 conformed with the limit value of two watts per kilogramme for radiation levels at a distance of five millimetres from the body, according to the ANFR.

It applies, for instance, when a phone is kept in a pocket or a jacket.


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