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Infrastructure: No contractor should be afraid of probe – FG

The Nigerian Government disclosed that no contractor working on federal roads under the Tinubu administration should be scared of a government probe, adding that no amount of “ blackmail” will stop FG’s Hope Agenda.

This was disclosed by the Minister of Works, Sen. David Umahi, in Calabar on Friday after the inspection of federal roads in Cross River.


The Former Ebonyi State Governor revealed that his duties since he was sworn in as Minister should not suggest he is probing the work done by the past administration.

He warned that any contractor, who does not adhere to the minimum standard, would be queried and asked to go back to the site, adding:

  • “The last administration did well on road construction and I am only out to see to the status of these projects.
  • “Nobody should be afraid of probe.
  • “I am only following Mr President’s renewed Hope Agenda and no amount of blackmail will stop this agenda,”

Concrete roads

He added that using concrete technology for road construction remains the best for Nigeria at the moment, citing his time as Governor and praising Gov. Bassey Otu for following suit, adding:

  • “Aside from the durability, it is also the most cost effective when compared with bitumen.
  • “The road is beautiful and I have seen it already and it is a good initiative of Sen. Otu.
  • “This is what President  Bola Tinubu has been preaching, we can not continue to do the same thing the same way and expect a different result.
  • “We are trying to do it differently and we should expect a different result for our road infrastructure.
  • “It’s cheaper than the asphalt.
  • “Today, the dollar rate is almost N1,000 to the dollar and the cost of crude oil is about 94 dollars per barrel.
  • “There is no contract you sign for asphalt today and say you have a contract because you will be carrying it almost every day due to the behaviour of the dollar.”

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