Labour Party Declares Full Support for Nigeria’s Planned Strike

In a significant development, the leadership of the Labour Party in Nigeria has announced its wholehearted support for the impending indefinite strike called for by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC). The strike is aimed at advocating for improved working conditions and benefits for Nigerian workers.

The declaration of support was conveyed through a statement issued by the National Publicity Secretary of the Labour Party, Obiora Ifoh, in Abuja on Wednesday. The statement unequivocally stated the party’s backing of any legitimate means employed by Nigerian workers to achieve better working conditions.

Ifoh emphasized the party’s steadfast alignment with the resolution of the NLC and TUC to initiate an industrial action scheduled to commence on Tuesday, October 3rd. He noted the Labour Party’s keen observation of ongoing discussions between organized labor and various government bodies over the past four months. These discussions included meetings with the President of the Senate, the presidency, and the Ministers of Labour. Despite these efforts, the government’s response appeared indifferent and insensitive to the suffering caused by its policies on Nigerian workers.

Furthermore, Ifoh highlighted the Labour Party’s awareness of the challenging conditions endured by Nigerian workers. Many are forced to sleep in their offices throughout the workweek due to economic hardships. The party expressed surprise at the government’s claims of removing subsidies on petroleum products and generating over a trillion naira monthly while failing to address the legitimate demands of workers.

The statement also shed light on the grim economic realities faced by Nigerians, including soaring inflation rates, a depreciating per-capita income, and the high cost of the US dollar against the local currency. Families are struggling with rising school fees, and criminal activities are on the rise.

In conclusion, the Labour Party stressed that Nigerian workers have displayed immense patience and understanding. It called on its members and supporters to prepare for an extended mass action, sending a clear message that they are ready to persist until their demands are met. The resounding message from the party: “No retreat, no surrender.”

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