Latest NPower & NASIMS News Today – 27th September 2023

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In today’s ever-evolving landscape of government programs and initiatives, staying informed is paramount. The latest NPower and NASIMS news brings exciting updates and changes that are shaping the future of skills acquisition and social support programs in Nigeria. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the latest developments:

Rebranding N-Power: Renewed Hope Skills Acquisition Programme

In a significant move, the Federal Government has decided to breathe new life into the N-Power program, rebranding it as the “Renewed Hope Skills Acquisition Programme.” This change is part of an effort to revamp and enhance the program’s impact on Nigerian youths.

New Leadership: Dr. Betta Edu Takes the Helm

Dr. Betta Edu, the newly appointed Minister of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, is at the forefront of this transformation. Since taking office, Dr. Edu has been tirelessly working to restore the program’s lost glory.

Addressing Past Challenges

The N-Power program, initially initiated by the Buhari Administration, has faced criticism due to management issues, including delayed stipend payments. Beneficiaries have been enduring an eight-month delay in receiving their stipends.

A Fresh Start

In response, Dr. Betta Edu has pledged a complete overhaul of the N-Power program, ensuring that beneficiaries are genuinely empowered, and Nigerian youths are actively engaged.

Taking Action

Dr. Edu is committed to a proactive approach, emphasizing that there will be no complacency. The programs will be taken to the field, ensuring that those who need assistance benefit from them.

New Appointments for Enhanced Impact

In alignment with President Tinubu’s directive to restructure the social safety net program, several key appointments have been made to strengthen the program’s impact:

  • National Coordinator NASSCO: Hon Abdulaziz Danladi
  • National Cash Transfer Office NCTO: Head of the office – Dr. Micheal Ajuluchukwu
  • NCTO Deputy Head of Office: Dr. Janet Ekpenyong
  • National Programme Manager, Youth Empowerment Empowerment and Social Support Operations (YESSO): Richard Romanus
  • National Communication Manager NSIP: Hon Jamalu Kaburu
  • National Programme Manager, Renewed Hope Shelter Programme for Refugees, Poor, and Internally Displaced Persons: Hon Chidinma Makuachukwu
  • National Programme Manager, Grant For Vulnerable Groups: Hon Thalis Apalowo
  • Programme Manager, At Risk Children Programme: Hajia Salia Sanusi Yusuff
  • National Programme Manager, National Homegrown School Feeding Programme (Renewed Hope Home Grown School Feeding and End Hunger Programme): Hon Mrs Obande
  • Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (Renewed Hope MSME Loan Programme): Hon Dr Joseph Nkang.
  • Programme Manager – N-Power Programme (Renewed Hope Skills Acquisition Programme): Dr. Akindele Adekunle Egbuwalo
  • Renewed Hope IDP Refugees out of School Programme (National Alternate School Programme): Dr. Mrs. Etcheri Ansa
  • National Project Manager, Community and Social Development Programme: Hon Olubunmi Bello

FG Launches NATEP Youth Employment Programme

The Federal Government of Nigeria has introduced the National Talent Export Programme (NATEP) to boost youth employment. This initiative seeks to position Nigeria as an export hub for talent outsourcing, mirroring the success stories of countries like India, Bangladesh, Mexico, and The Philippines.

NATEP’s Unveiling

The program’s launch took place at the Microsoft Office in New York, United States of America, on Friday, September 22, 2023. It was represented by President Bola Tinubu’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Dr. Doris Uzoka-Anite.

Key Objectives of NATEP

NATEP aims to:

  1. Boost Job Creation: The initiative targets the creation of one million in-demand jobs in Nigeria over a five-year period.
  2. Foreign Exchange Earnings: NATEP seeks to increase foreign exchange earnings through talent export and remittances.
  3. Tax Revenue: The program is expected to generate substantial tax income for state governments.

Global Partnerships for NATEP

Saadia Zahidi, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum (WEF), expressed support for NATEP, highlighting its significance in addressing skills and job challenges. The WEF is eager to collaborate with Nigeria on this initiative, emphasizing its timeliness and importance.

Recent Developments in NPower Stipend News

The N-Power program, especially Batch C, has undergone significant changes in recent years. Timely stipend payments are crucial to beneficiaries. However, challenges persist, with some awaiting backlog payments.

NPower Backlog Payment Concerns

Acknowledging these challenges, beneficiaries are currently awaiting backlog payments, with delays of up to eight months in some cases. Advocacy for timely payments remains a priority.

Overview of N-Power Batch C

Batch C represents the latest cohort of beneficiaries. Understanding its objectives and the impact it aims to create is essential to appreciate the significance of prompt stipend payments.

NPower Payment Process for Batch C Beneficiaries

Efficient payment processes are vital to ensure that Batch C beneficiaries receive their stipends without delays. We will explore the payment mechanism and its adaptation to cater to the needs of the new batch.

Breaking News on Batch C Payments

Stay informed with the latest updates on Batch C payments, including disbursement information and any process changes to ensure seamless access to stipends.

Recruitment for the Year 2023

While focusing on current beneficiaries, it’s crucial to note that the N-Power program’s impact hinges on expansion and recruitment. Aspiring beneficiaries eager to join the program should stay tuned for information on the recruitment process for 2023.

NASIMS News on Payment Today

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) plays a pivotal role in the N-Power program. It manages beneficiary data, payments, and program coordination.

Recent NASIMS Updates on Payments

NASIMS is actively working to improve program efficiency and transparency. We will highlight recent updates and initiatives aimed at ensuring timely stipend disbursement.

How NASIMS Is Improving the N-Power Program

NASIMS doesn’t stop at payments; it’s dedicated to enhancing the entire N-Power experience. Learn how NASIMS contributes to program improvement and positive change in Nigeria.


The latest NPower and NASIMS news herald a new era of hope, efficiency, and empowerment for Nigerian youths. With program rebranding, innovative initiatives like NATEP, and efforts to address payment challenges, the government is actively working to make a positive impact on the lives of beneficiaries and the entire nation.

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