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Mohamed Al Fayed Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Career, Wife, Children – Mohamed Al-Fayed, an Egyptian entrepreneur, primarily resided in the United Kingdom from the mid-1960s onward. His notable business endeavors encompassed ownership of the prestigious Hôtel Ritz Paris, the iconic Harrods department store, and the renowned Fulham Football Club, all situated within London.


Name:Mohamed Al-Fayed
Age:94 Years
Wife:Samira Khashoggi ​(m. 1954; div. 1956)​
Heini Wathén ​(m. 1985)
Date of Birth:27 January 1929
Net Worth:$2 Billion

Mohamed Al Fayed Biography

Mohamed Al-Fayed was an influential Egyptian businessman whose life and career were marked by remarkable achievements and controversies. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Al-Fayed would go on to become one of the most well-known figures in the business world, primarily based in the United Kingdom from the mid-1960s onwards.

Mohamed Al Fayed Cause of Death

Mohamed died at the age of 94 on 30 August, 2023 in London. He was buried on September 1 after prayers at London Central Mosque.

Mohamed Al Fayed Age

How old was Mohamed Al Fayed? Mohamed Al Fayed was 94 years old at the time of his demise. He was born in El-Gomorok, Alexandria on January 27, 1929.

Mohamed Al Fayed Height

How tall is Mohamed Al Fayed? Mohamed Al Fayed has a height of 1.8m.

Mohamed Al Fayed Parents

Who are the parents of Mohamed Al Fayed? Mohamed Al Fayed was born to Ali Ali Al-Fayed.

Mohamed Al Fayed Siblings

Mohamed had four siblings; Ali Al-Fayed, Safia Al-Fayed, Salah Al-Fayed, Soaad Al-Fayed.

Mohamed Al Fayed Career

Mohamed Al-Fayed hailed from humble beginnings, being the eldest son of an Egyptian primary school teacher from Asyut. His year of birth was a subject of dispute, with various sources stating different years. Ultimately, official records confirmed his birth year as 1929. Alongside his brothers, Ali and Salah, he ventured into various business enterprises.

In the early 1970s, Al-Fayed transitioned from using the name “Fayed” to “Al-Fayed.” This change in nomenclature raised eyebrows, with some speculating that it was an attempt to imply aristocratic origins. However, the addition of “Al-” doesn’t carry the same social connotations in Arabic. This led to him being humorously nicknamed the “Phoney Pharaoh” by Private Eye magazine.

Al-Fayed’s business journey took him from Egypt to Italy and eventually to the United Kingdom. His notable accomplishments included acquiring the prestigious Hôtel Ritz Paris in 1979 and later purchasing Harrods, the iconic department store, as part of House of Fraser Group in 1985. His acquisition of Harrods led to significant controversy, including allegations about his background and wealth. Despite these challenges, he retained ownership of Harrods, making it a symbol of luxury shopping in London.

Beyond his business interests, Al-Fayed made a notable impact in the world of sports and leisure. He became the owner of Fulham Football Club in 1997, overseeing its rise in the football ranks. Fulham achieved Premier League status and made significant strides in European competitions during his ownership, which lasted until 2013.

Throughout his life, Al-Fayed was committed to charitable work. He established the Al Fayed Charitable Foundation in 1987, focusing on assisting children with life-limiting conditions and those living in poverty. The foundation supported various charities and hospices for disabled and neglected children in the UK and beyond.

One of the most notable controversies surrounding Al-Fayed was his involvement in the aftermath of the tragic car crash that claimed the lives of Princess Diana and his son, Dodi, in 1997. Al-Fayed maintained conspiracy theories about the incident, alleging a plot orchestrated by MI6 and implicating several prominent figures, including Prince Philip. However, multiple investigations, including Operation Paget, found no evidence to support these claims.

Al-Fayed faced multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault during his career. Former Harrods employees claimed that he routinely subjected women to harassment, with accusations ranging from inappropriate comments to more serious misconduct. Some cases led to investigations, but charges were dropped in certain instances due to a lack of evidence or conflicting statements.

Al-Fayed’s later years saw him involved in various business interests, including owning the Hôtel Ritz Paris and other ventures. He also made headlines with the sale of Harrods to Qatar Holdings in 2010.

Mohamed Al-Fayed passed away on August 30, 2023, leaving behind a complex legacy marked by business success, charitable contributions, controversies, and persistent conspiracy theories. His impact on the worlds of luxury retail, football, and philanthropy will be remembered, alongside the controversies that defined his public image.

Mohamed Al Fayed Wife

Was Mohamed Al Fayed married? Mohamed married twice. He first married Samira Khashoggi from 1954 to 1956. She later married Heini Wathén from 1985 to 2023.

Mohamed Al Fayed Children

Did Mohamed Al Fayed have any children? Yes, Fayed had 5 children. Dodi, with his first wife, Samira and the other four children with his wife Heini. Their names are Dodi Fayed, Camilla al-Fayed, Omar Fayed, Jasmine Al-Fayed, Karim Al-Fayed.

Mohamed Al Fayed Net Worth

Mohamed Al Fayed had a net worth estimated to be $2 billion.

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