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Nationwide strike: NLC indecisive as deadline ends  

Following the end of the two-day deadline initially given by the body to the Federal Government, the Nigeria Labour Union is yet to issue a definite statement on the proposed nationwide industrial action.  

The union, which gave the FG a two-day ultimatum, has remained reticent on their next course of action.  

An ultimatum lasting 21 days first was issued by the union concerning the delayed palliative distribution, with a potential indefinite labour strike looming if their demands go unmet. 

The organized labour said all is set for a total shutdown of the economy, which would start at the expiration of the ultimatum on Friday (yesterday).  

However, since the expiration of the deadline given, NLC has maintained an indecisive position by not issuing a definite statement on what the next course of action will be.  

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of the NLC, Benjamin Upah, while featuring in a telephone interview on TVC, said that the news making the rounds that the congress was to commence an indefinite industrial action is fake. 

According to Upah, NLC is yet to release any official statement on whether they will go on strike or not.  

What FG is Saying 

Earlier, the Federal Government allayed the fear of many Nigerians, emphasizing that the outcome of their meeting on Monday with the union was productive and there’s no reason why the union should go on strike.  

  • “I don’t think there is any problem. We don’t have any fears about some of the things they (labour) put on the table and also the suggestions and the package of the Federal Government,” the Minister of Labour, Simon Lalong, told State House Correspondents after a private meeting with Vice President Kashim Shettima, at the Aso Rock Villa, Abuja, Wednesday evening. 


When asked on whether the union will follow through with the indefinite strike, Vice President Kashim Shettima, stated that there is no reason to be worried, as the government continues to engage NLC in a friendly manner.  

He said,  

  • “As for me, I don’t think there is any problem. We have fully spent time with the Nigerian labour and the posture of the President too is towards the welfare and prosperity of workers. 
  • “We have no doubt and that’s why, in many of our meetings with them, we did not end up boxing ourselves. We hope that the best is going to come. 
  • “Don’t worry about that. That’s why I said it’s a friendly engagement we are having with them.” 


It was earlier reported that the meeting between the Labour Union and the Federal Government ended in a deadlock as both parties were unable to come to a definite resolution on the way forward.  

Moreover, since the deadline given by NLC expired, the union is yet to make a definite statement on whether the strike will be held or not.  

Many speculate that the union will continue to engage and negotiate with the FG, given that the option of a nationwide indefinite strike seems to be untenable at the given moment.  


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