Nigeria Police Force to Review Firearms Licensing and Regulations

In a move aimed at bolstering public safety and security, the acting Inspector-General of Police, Olukayode Egbetokun, has announced the establishment of an ad hoc committee tasked with conducting a comprehensive review of firearms licensing and regulations enforced by the Nigeria Police Force. The committee’s mandate encompasses a thorough assessment of existing firearms licensing procedures and regulations to enhance their effectiveness, transparency, and accountability.

To ensure a well-informed review, the police will engage with various stakeholders, including legal experts, civil society organizations, and field experts. This collaborative effort seeks to address the complexities of firearms licensing and regulation.

The Force Public Relations Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, reiterated the importance of addressing illegal firearm possession and proliferation. He emphasized that possessing firearms without the appropriate licenses and permits is both a legal violation and a grave threat to society. The police are committed to pursuing and prosecuting individuals engaged in illegal arms-related activities within the bounds of the law.

The Inspector-General of Police issued a stern warning to individuals involved in wrongful possession of arms and light weapons, highlighting the significant threat such activities pose to national peace and stability. To combat illegal firearm fabrication, sales, possession, and use, the police have initiated a clampdown operation.

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The public is urged to report any suspicious activities related to firearms to their local police divisions or via the various Nigeria Police Force social media platforms for prompt response.

Earlier, the IG had temporarily banned the issuance of gun licenses due to concerns about the high rate of illegal arms proliferation in the country. While the ban is currently in effect, the police may review or revert it in the future, pending the outcome of the comprehensive firearms licensing and regulation review.

The Firearm Act has long governed firearms control in Nigeria, requiring individuals to obtain licenses for firearm possession or control. This move by the Nigeria Police Force aims to enhance the existing framework to better address security challenges related to firearms in the country.

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