Oloja of Lagos speaks on upholding late Oba Kosoko’s legacies

On Wednesday, the Oloja of Lagos, Abiola Olojo-Kosoko, urged Nigerians to continue to uphold the legacies of his progenitor, the late Morounfolu Eshinlokun, popularly called Kosoko.

Mr Olojo-Kosoko made the call when officials of the Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture visited his palace in Ereko, Lagos.

The Lagos ruler, who relayed historical facts on the emergence of Lagos State from the lineage of his progenitor, explained that the late Kosoko, the first Oloja in Lagos, was instrumental in the enterprising nature of Lagos.

“The last time Kosoko reincarnated, he came back with two stones, which are still available at his palace. Kosoko’s metaphysical power is linked to these stones, and one other one added to it in the course of his life, which are now called ‘Esu ori omi’, ‘Esu ori ile and Ota Inu omi’. These are what made Kosoko what he is today in Ereko here,” stated Mr Olojo-Kosoko.

He added, “Kosoko’s deities are still alive today. People do not come to Kosoko palace and say evil will happen. There are places people cannot go here. If they do, they can lose their testicles or sight, or even a woman can menstruate till death. So, many things are attached to Kosoko.”

Mr Oloja-Kosoko said Eshinlokun, Kosoko’s father, was in Mayin River, now Epe when his father, (Ologun Kutere), died and Adele Ajose was crowned king of Lagos.

The Lagos ruler said Kosoko returned unhappy, creating division within Iga Idunganran Palace, adding that Adele was married to an Oyo woman who introduced Egun masquerade to the town. But the people viewed it as a negative deity and decided to use that against him, forcing him to relocate to the western shore of Lagos colony, now called Badagry.


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