Pilots, Air Transport Employees, Senior Banks Staff, Others Mobilise For Nationwide Strike

According to report, some groups in the banking and aviation sectors have affirmed their support for the proposed statewide strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

They contend that as organisations affiliated with the NLC or TUC, they are obligated to follow the directives of organised labour, even if it necessitates closing banks and airports.

The NLC and TUC voted on Tuesday to start a countrywide strike on October 3, 2023.

The Federal Government’s failure to successfully implement policies to lessen Nigerians’ suffering led the organised labour unions to come to this resolution on Tuesday.

NLC, TUC Declare Indefinite Strike From October 3

Following the termination of the subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit, the organised labour unions had made requests to the Federal Government.

The NLC and the TUC are requesting, among other things, salary increases, the introduction of palliatives, tax breaks and allowances for public sector employees, and a review of the minimum wage.

Joe Ajaero, the national president of the NLC, informed the members of the NEC during a Zoom meeting of the National Executive Council on Tuesday that a meeting had been held with TUC representatives to discuss next steps.

Ajaero stated that it was decided that the two centres should collaborate in order to communicate their position to the government.

According to a witness who spoke with Punch during the meeting, some NLC members at first opposed the organization’s decision to collaborate with the TUC.

‘Hardship’: Organised Private Sector Kicks Against Nationwide Strike

Elliot Ibie, president of the National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers, announced his colleagues will stop working in accordance with the NLC instruction as he prepared for the planned strike.

Ibie assured Newsmen that because everyone was taking part in the strike, the NLC affiliate would undoubtedly join it.

He said, ”Of course, we’d be joining the strike, we’re an affiliate of the NLC. We just finished a meeting, everybody is part of it.”

Asked if activities at the airport will be grounded, he said, “Yes, everywhere.”

In compliance with the NLC proclamation, the National Union of Air Transport Employees will likewise lay off its workers, according to Ben Nnabue, the union’s president.

UPDATE: Senate Reacts As Aggrieved NLC, TUC Protesters Pull Down NASS Gate

Yes, we are an NLC affiliate, so we will be participating in the strike, he replied.

In a similar vein, Oluwole Olusoji, president of the Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions, declared that his organisation was bound by the resolutions “unless informed otherwise.

We do, however, anticipate that the government would behave honourably, not simply by making public declarations but also by quickly putting such declarations into practise.

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria’s Head of Media, Mr. John Ikemefule, has also declared that starting on Tuesday, the ports and jetties will be closed by the maritime workers.

UPDATE: NLC, TUC Declare Nationwide ‘Permanent’ Strike

He stated, “It has been confirmed that the union will be joining the NLC and TUC to shut down the country from October 3rd. There will be a total and indefinite shutdown of the country. We are going to withdraw our members from jetties and terminals.’’

On his part, Deputy President of the Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria, Emmanuel Jaja, said, “ATSSAN is under the Trade Union Congress, so we wait to get direction from our centre. As soon as we get directions from our labour centre, which is the TUC national, we take it from there.’’


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