Russia Prepares for Large-Scale Nationwide Nuclear Attack Exercise

President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian government to conduct a comprehensive nationwide nuclear attack exercise, spanning 11 time zones. The exercise, scheduled for October 3rd, marks the first time Russia will simulate such a scenario across the entire country, rather than region by region. The goal, as described by Putin’s regime, is to prepare for potential nuclear war while portraying the West as a nuclear aggressor.

The one-day exercise, which is unprecedented in its scale, will involve extensive preparations for the hypothetical destruction of up to 70% of Russia’s housing stock and life support facilities. The scenario assumes the imposition of martial law in Russia and full mobilization.

According to the scenario document, certain Russian regions may face emergencies or physical impacts resulting in the complete destruction of vital infrastructure and a substantial portion of housing. These potential emergencies include accidents at hydraulic structures, chemically and radiologically hazardous facilities, and their ensuing secondary hazards.

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As part of the exercise, civil servants and regional officials will be tasked with organizing “non-staff emergency rescue teams,” ensuring the availability of food and medical supplies, and providing protection from radioactive contamination.

The document also highlights the growing risk of armed conflicts escalating into local and regional wars, potentially involving nuclear powers. It underscores concerns about modern long-range weapons and potential attacks using unmanned aerial and watercraft.

Amid these preparations, it’s worth noting that President Putin has reportedly made personal preparations for such scenarios, including the construction of bunkers at his palaces and the maintenance of a fleet of ‘Doomsday’ Il-80 Maxdome aircraft.

This nationwide nuclear exercise comes at a time when Russia is dedicating a substantial portion of its state budget to the military, police, and intelligence services, particularly in the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The exercise, scheduled just four days before Putin’s 71st birthday, highlights the seriousness with which the Russian government views its readiness for potential crises.

As the world watches these developments closely, the implications of such large-scale preparations for a nuclear scenario remain a topic of international concern and discussion.



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