Senator Bamidele begs labour unions to suspend planned strike

Senate Leader Opeyemi Bamidele has pleaded with the Nigeria Labour Congress to shelve its planned indefinite strike in the national interest as Nigeria marks her 63rd independence on Sunday.

Mr Bamidele appealed in a statement on Saturday, congratulating Nigerians across all socio-economic and political strata on the 63rd independence.

He begged the NLC and TUC leadership to shelve their plans, as it would be detrimental to the country and “will further inflict pains on Nigerians at the time the new government is working hard to address their concerns and grievances.”

Mr Bamidele added, “At a time like this, all parties are supposed to go into negotiation with absolute trust in the new government.”

The senator said Nigeria, irrespective of her internal challenges since October 1, 1960, has remained “a strong, united and indivisible nation that still provides strong leadership not only for West Africa but also the entire Africa.”

He assured Nigerians at home and abroad that the new government would tackle the difficulties impeding the country’s growth, citing the development-driven reforms that the new administration had started.

“As Nigerians, we are under obligation to ensure that the labour of our heroes will never be in vain. I congratulate Nigerians as our nation turns 63 as a strong, united and indivisible nation that the world over is now waiting to occupy her rightful place among nations,” Mr Bamidele said. 

He further reassured all stakeholders that under the leadership of  Senate President Senator Godswill Akpabio, the 10th Senate would continue to make impactful legislation for Nigeria’s common good.

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