U.S JUDGE MALDONADO AND TINUBU’S CASE: ANOTHER WIN FOR ATIKU Judge Nancy Maldonado of the U.S District Court, Northern District of Illinois, is very interested in unraveling the mystery behind the man Bola Tinubu. Her ruling yesterday allowing for time to hear Tinubu’s arguments on why it has become life-threatening should his academic records be made public is not a win for Tinubu. Those records would eventually be out. Judge Maldonado simply wants to get into the whole matter, read through the rulings of Judge Jeffrey Gilbert who ordered the release of the academic records and see if his ruling conforms with the U.S legal norms and if indeed it would be dangerous to Tinubu. She is going to find out by next week that nothing dangerous would happen to Tinubu other than Justice to the Nigerian people. She is going to find out that two certificates issued by the same University has errors in them. She is going to find out that a certificate signed in 1979 cannot bear the signature of someone who got employed in the university in the 1990’s. She is going to find out that date of births are conflicting. She is going to find out that you cannot be a male and a female at the same time. She is going to find out a whole lot and be left with no option than ordering the go-ahead of the discovery process. Those gloating over her position of yesterday simply do not understand the U.S legal processes. They are thorough here. They have no personal opinions other than what the law says. They are thinking Judge Maldonado has eaten the corn and would become “CORNfused.” The U.S Judge decision is a win for Atiku Abubakar who is only seeking for the Chicago State University to certify what Tinubu already has in the public domain as his credentials from that school.

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