UK Announces Significant Increase in Students’ And Visitors’ Visa Fees

The United Kingdom government has announced a substantial increase in visa fees for students and visitors, with prices set to rise by over 600% starting from October 4. The new fees, aimed at covering essential services and supporting public sector pay rises, were disclosed by the UK Home Office.

Under the revised fee structure, the cost of a visitor visa for stays of less than six months will increase from £15 to £115. Similarly, the application fee for student visas from outside the UK will surge from £127 to £490, aligning with the amount charged for in-country applications.

This increase follows a prior announcement in July, in which the government revealed a 15% rise in the cost of work and visit visas, as well as a minimum 20% hike in fees for priority visas, study visas, and certificates of sponsorship.

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The UK government emphasized that revenue generated from these fees plays a crucial role in sustaining the immigration and nationality system. While striving to reduce the financial burden on British taxpayers, the government aims to maintain an attractive service for individuals wishing to work or visit the UK.

The fee adjustments extend to various visa categories, including visit visas for different durations, work, and study visas, indefinite leave to enter and remain, travel documents, health and care visas, certificates of sponsorship, and more. Additionally, the settlement priority service will be realigned with its cost, and fees for registering and naturalizing as a British citizen will also see an increase.

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The UK Home Office emphasized that the changes would be subject to parliamentary approval and do not include the planned increase in the Immigration Health Surcharge, which is set to be introduced later in the Autumn. These fee adjustments are part of the UK government’s efforts to ensure a sustainable immigration system while offering a wide range of services to individuals interested in living, working, or studying in the UK.

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