Urgent need for engaging technology and peoples friendly strategies in Fighting insecurity in SE

WE are boosting the ego of terrorists in Imo through poor communications and absence of strategy.
For instance a convoy of two vehicles carrying 8 security personnel was ambushed in Ehime Mbano in Imo state.Police are busy talking of them responding to a false call..the army is showing bus a general visiting a wounded soldier.basic questions are avoided because the there is speed to make it look we are fighting a civil war.

Was a soldier killed or was it a naval personnel?where why they going exactly to and for what purpose.
How come some much damage have been done without any evidence of resistance.A young soldier gave an insight that could be helpful.They were ambushed at an interception with a RPG..Rocket propelled grenade launcher.
A few months ago Odumodu a famous kidnapper/terrorist masquerading as an activist was killed by security personnel…In his possession was found two RPGs.An RPG is a light but dangerous weapon that can stop even tanks.
The soldier further confirms my fears over the months…that apart from local connivance..the unknown gun men enjoy the benefit of Geography. most border towns link up to three states.Take Ihiala for instance…there is an intersection that leads straight to Abia and one that leads to a town in Imo state famous for terrorist attacks .Ogbuta.

The third issue is improving the relationship between the forces and the population.Therebis quite an improvement here..before you would have heard of Ehime Mbano reprisals leading in deaths of innocent citizens caught in the cross fires
Atop all these is the general corruption among field security personned.People collecting bribes at check points are not very efficient in combating insecurity.

Worthy of note too is the recent bombing at two locations in Anambra and Imo.The news was that they were IPOB and ESN.Armed activists must be differentiated from armed criminals.The truth of the matter was that some criminals held a community hostage and were operating freely calling themselves activists.There so many small catchments like this…and the security is helping them by not publicly stating clearly that they are criminals.These criminals were no longer accommodated in residents …so they holed up in an uncompleted building like they do in Mushin and shitta Bey areas in lagos.
Out of fear and traditional distrust of the security forces …the citizens kept quiet

I hope at one point the state security apparatus will start looking at the option of using technology to prevent crimes or track criminals.Drones around border towns could help..a database of criminals would also help.The most important thing now is for the army to pursue a PR policy of making the citizens trust them
I come in peace.Benjamin Amaechi

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Dear Readers, Good and credible news reportage is tedious task and requires huge finances.

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