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VeryDarkman fires back at Nkechi Blessing as he shares 3 ways he can get her US Visa revoked [Video]

Popular content creator, VeryDarkman claps back at actress Nkechi Blessing over their skincare-brand-saga as he shares three easy ways he can end her career for good and get her American visa revoked.

Earlier, it was reported that VeryDarkman had called out the actress for advertising a skincare product which doesn’t have NAFDAC number. He had peaceably advised that the brand get their products NAFDAC approved, especially since they also make skincare products for kids.

Nkechi Blessing VeryDarkman
Actress, Nkechi Blessing.

This had infuriated the thespian to blast VeryDarkman as she warned him not to dare or mess with her.

Reacting to this, the VeryDarkman warned her not to go down and messy with him because he has little to lose compared to her.

He cited how Nkechi Blessing had taken the photo of one of the ladies on IG who commented on their skincare-brand-saga and posted it on her status. She had slut-shamed the lady using many unprintable words.

Nkechi Blessing VeryDarkman
Content creator, VeryDarkman.

According to VeryDarkman, such action, if he were to take it to the embassy, would definitely cost her her American visa because what she did was a serious offense on the lady.

Watch video below …


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