We Can No Longer Sleep With Two Eyes Closed – Afenifere To Tinubu

The country’s rising level of insecurity has been bemoaned by the pan-Yoruba sociopolitical organisation Afenifere.

According to the group, Nigeria is becoming more and more difficult to rule, according to TheTimesonline.

This was stated in a statement that its national leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, and Secretary, Chief Olusola Ebiseni, respectively, issued and signed.

Nigerians, according to Afenifere, can no longer go to sleep at night without being terrified by the recent wave of insecurity in the nation.

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The organisation bemoaned the fact that many of the university students kidnapped in Zamfara are still being held captive and that their whereabouts are still unknown.

They observed that despite appearances, the country was clearly ungoverned and becoming increasingly ungovernable.

Afenifere added that ”military officers were mowed down shamefully in Imo State.

“With hunger in their belly, Nigerians cannot sleep with the two eyes closed. Nigeria is becoming increasingly ungovernable and evidently ungoverned, in spite of pretences

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In response to the NLC’s call for a strike, the organisation claimed that “since the elimination of oil subsidies and other economic measures hastily implemented without regard for the collateral impacts, the Nigerian masses have been abysmally pauperised.

“In reacting and calling for mass action in this regard, the NLC is living to its historic responsibility.”



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