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Why I grew up believing my sister Niniola was jealous of me – Teni

Teni has finally opened up about her relationship with her sister Niniola and why she believed she was jealous of her.

In a recent episode of the Tea With Tay podcast, Teni Apata shared a heartwarming story about her relationship with her sister, Niniola

Initially, there was a misunderstanding between them regarding Teni’s singing voice However, as they embarked on a shared musical journey, their bond grew stronger, and they became each other’s biggest supporters

During their childhood, Teni and her sisters would often have rehearsals together.

While their eldest sister, Doyin, praised Teni’s melodic voice, Niniola had a different perspective. She believed that Teni’s voice lacked sweetness.

This difference in opinions initially caused Teni to think that Niniola was jealous of her talent.

One day, Niniola approached Teni and had a sincere conversation with her. She advised Teni not to be deceived by Doyin’s praise and pointed out that Teni sang from her stomach.

Intrigued by Niniola’s advice, Teni started observing her sister’s singing technique and began incorporating it into her performances.

This conversation marked a turning point in their relationship, as Teni realized that Niniola’s criticism came from a place of genuine concern and a desire to help her grow as a singer.

A significant moment came when Teni participated in a school event and delivered a mesmerizing performance. The entire school erupted in applause, leaving Teni feeling elated and accomplished.

Excited to share her success with Niniola, she hurried home to tell her sister about the enthusiastic response from the audience.

To her surprise, Niniola not only listened attentively but also clapped for her.

This act of support and encouragement solidified their bond, and Teni knew that they were embarking on something special together.

In the following years, Teni and Niniola continued to support each other’s musical endeavours, celebrating each other’s achievements and providing constructive feedback.

In her words;

“My elder sister, the one that’s older than Nini [Niniola], Doyin, maybe she was deceiving because she didn’t want to hurt me; she used to tell me I have a melodic voice whenever I sing during my childhood. Nini, on the other hand, would tell me my voice isn’t sweet. So, I thought she was jealous of me.

“She [Niniola] called me aside and told me not to let Doyin deceive me. She now said, ‘You sing from your stomach.’ So, every time Nini sings, I would watch her sing. So, I also started singing from my stomach.

“There was a time my school organised an event, I sang and the whole school stood up and was clapping for me. I said, ‘I’ve arrived.’ I went back home to tell Nini that I sang in school and everybody was clapping and she said I should sing what I sang. I sang it and Nini too clapped for me. I said, ‘Okay, we are up to something.”

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