2 Reasons That Showed CSU’s Deposition Was a Blessing to Me, Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu on Friday, October 6, said the Chicago State University (CSU’s) deposition in court earlier this week was “a boon” to him.

News Direct reports that Tinubu’s academic certificate obtained from the CSU had been the subject of hot controversy in recent days, especially as the legal battle was extended to the United States of America (USA) by his main challenger in the Presidential election, Atiku Abubakar, who had refused to concede defeat to the All Progressive Congress, APC, candidate.

Speaking to Premium Times through his lawyer, Wole Afolabi, Tinubu declared that the deposition “cleared up a lot of misconceptions”.

The legal practitioner noted that Caleb Westberg, CSU’s registrar, pointed out that errors discovered in Tinubu’s CSU document “are not unusual”.

Afolabi said: “The deposition was a boon to the President. It cleared up a lot of misconceptions and mischaracterisations of events regarding the president’s academic qualifications.

Firstly, it offered an opportunity for CSU to state loudly and clearly that the president attended and graduated (with Honours Degree in Accounting) from CSU in 1979.

“Secondly, the false narrative that had been put out there by mischief-makers that the president had used the identity of a female to gain admission to CSU was also cleared up.

The registrar of CSU was emphatic in maintaining that the transcript of the President from Southwest College was erroneously marked as belonging to a Female.

“The registrar said such errors are not unusual. The president applied to CSU as a male student and his letter of admission was addressed to ‘Mr. Tinubu’.”


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